Link Processing Mode

CMRs with the link processing mode are used to link an input color space in the presentation data (sometimes defined by an audit CMR) to the output color space of the presentation device (sometimes defined by an instruction CMR). Only link (LK) and device link (DL) CMRs can be used in link processing mode.

Whenever you install or uninstall audit or instruction color conversion CMRs in your resource library by using AFP Resource Installer or a similar software product, the AFP Resource Installer automatically creates or deletes link (LK) CMRs for every combination of audit and instruction color conversion CMR.

When a print job calls for a given audit-instruction combination, the print server checks the resource library for a link (LK) CMR for that combination. If the print server finds an appropriate link CMR, it sends the CMR to the printer with the print job. Your printer can use the link (LK) CMRs whenever a print job indicates that it uses a particular combination of audit and instruction CMRs.

If you do not use AFP Resource Installer or a similar program to install your resources, your color printer must either create link (LK) CMRs while it processes your print jobs or convert the colors in your jobs twice, first from the original color space to the PCS and then from the PCS to the color space of the printer.