For jobs originating on host systems and directed to InfoPrint through the OS/390 Download program or the DPF function of InfoPrint Manager for Windows, this attribute contains the value specified for the class parameter. The class attribute can also be used directly with non-host jobs. InfoPrint can print the class information on an auxiliary sheet if the job uses the full auxiliary-sheet object.

GUI label





Resettable, single-valued, per-job

Allowed Values

You can enter a single alphanumeric character. This character is a customer-defined character that represents a set of job/printer configurations to be set up.

Input Synonym

You can use the synonym mvs-class.

Default Value

If you do not specify a class value when you submit the job from the host system, the host system defaults the value of the class parameter to A. However, InfoPrint sets no default for the class parameter.

Usage Guidelines

  • See the Print Services Facility for OS/390: OS/390 Download Guide for further information, including restrictions, on the class parameter.
  • You can use this attribute in a shell script used with OS/390 Download.
  • InfoPrint compares the class document attribute with the classes-ready actual destination attribute for validation and scheduling.