Identifies the finishing options for this document.

GUI label

Finishing options




Resettable, multi-valued, per-document

Allowed Values

You can enter any of these fixed values:

  • double-gate-fold-in
  • double-gate-fold-out
  • double-parallel-fold-in
  • double-parallel-fold-out
  • z-fold

Default Value

No default value

Usage Guidelines

  • This attribute is not valid for ASCII documents.
  • When you specify a value for document-finishing, InfoPrint creates an inline form definition. Do not use the form-definition attribute to specify another form definition.
  • InfoPrint validates and schedules jobs using this attribute against the document-finishings-supported actual destination attribute.
  • To drive UP3I devices with PSF, UP3I finishing must be specified in a form definition. For information about UP3I devices, see the InfoPrint Page Printer Formatting Aid: User's Guide.