Identifies the resolution of the fonts used to create this document.

GUI label

Font resolution




Resettable, single-valued, per-job

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

  • 240
  • 300
  • open-type
  • outline

Default Value

No default value. If there is no font resolution specified in the data stream and you do not specify a value for this attribute, InfoPrint uses the value of the actual destination attribute default-font-resolution.

Usage Guidelines

  • The font resolution specified in the data stream overrides this attribute.
  • Usually the font resolution and the printer resolution match, but there are two cases when they do not:
    • Some printer devices, for example, the InfoPrint 60 and InfoPrint 4000, can print fonts of any resolution, although the print head is always 600 pels.
    • It is possible to print a document created with fonts of one resolution on a printer with a different resolution by substituting fonts. Depending on the document, the output might or might not be acceptable.
  • InfoPrint validates and schedules jobs using this attribute against the destination attribute font-resolutions-supported.
  • The open-type value is only valid for printers that support TrueType or OpenType fonts. When you enter the open-type value for this attribute, the -truetype parameter is passed to the sap2afp command and is valid only for SAP datastreams. For more information about sap2afp command, see sap2afp command: transforms SAP OTF or ABAP data to AFP. For more information about TrueType or OpenType fonts, see Using OpenType Fonts in an AFP System.