Specifies the number of messages that can be issued for a document in the job before the job is terminated. InfoPrint Manager counts datastream-type error messages, such as undefined character messages or off logical page errors toward the job-terminate-message-count. Messages issued because of an operator action (such as, pausing a job) or messages that require operator intervention (such as, a paper jam) are not counted in the job-terminate-message-count.

GUI label

Terminate message count




Resettable, single-valued, per-job

Allowed Values

You can enter an integer from 0 through 9999.

Default Value

No default value.

Usage Guidelines

  • If the specified limit is reached while processing a document in the job, the messages print with one more message stating that the job is being terminated because the job-terminate-message-count has been reached.
  • If the messages are directed to a file instead of being printed, the dss-job-message-disposition actual destination attribute specifies where the messages are written, and if the job-terminate-message-count is reached, the job still terminates.
  • Some errors generate groups of messages, and InfoPrint Manager counts this group as one toward the job-terminate-message-count.
  • When the value is 0, the job should not be terminated because of the number of messages. This is also the behavior when no value is specified.