Using Interrupt Message Pages

Interrupt Message Pages provide a way for printer operators to find the cause and location of a printing problem. Interrupt Message Pages are pages that are similar to the message pages that print at the end of a print job, but Interrupt Message Pages are printed at the point of an error where a possible data loss has occurred. This allows the operators to make sure that no data is missing or to compensate for issues during the post-processing phase of the print job.

Interrupt Message Pages are for use with PSF TCP/IP. They are associated with an Actual Destination (AD), and cannot be changed for each job.

Interrupt Message Pages and finishing processes are incompatible and we do not recommend combining these functions.

Scenario/Condition Produce interrupt message page?
Pause job Yes
Resume job Yes
Pause printer No
Resume printer No
AD shutdown - Synchronous (same as pause job) Yes
AD shutdown - Now (stop as soon as possible) No
NACKs 1 On an action code basis
Forward Spacing  
– Normal in-job forward space Yes
- before NPRO2 No
- after NPRO Yes
– Forward space with no pages committed No
– Forward past the end of the job Yes
- before NPRO No
- after NPRO Yes
Back Spacing  
– Normal in job back space Yes
- before NPRO2 No
- after NPRO Yes
– Back space with no pages committed No
– Back space to the beginning Yes
- before NPRO No
- after NPRO Yes
Print a page range No
Cancel job  
- pdrm/pddelete Yes
- cancel button on printer Covered under NACK
Communication lost No
Stop button on the printer No - on ready/not ready (other conditions fall under NACKs)
Add new Interrupt Message Page messages to the final message page Yes
Add messages to the Interrupt Message Page Yes
Print messages in currently supported NLS language Yes
  • 1 negative acknowledgement
  • 2 non-process run out