Configuring a primary AIX server with a secondary Windows server

By performing this set of procedures on both an InfoPrint AIX server and an InfoPrint Windows workstation, you can configure InfoPrint Manager to support interoperability between InfoPrint AIX servers and InfoPrint Windows servers.
Note: If you are interested in configuring two or more InfoPrint AIX servers for interoperability, see "Installing secondary InfoPrint servers" in RICOH InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Getting Started.

When configuring InfoPrint Manager AIX and Windows servers to support interoperability, make sure that these rules are followed:

  1. Each InfoPrint Manager server must be accessible by all of the other InfoPrint Manager servers using the same host name.

    For example, if Server1 is an InfoPrint Manager server with a host name of server.local, then all other InfoPrint Manager servers must use server.local to access Server1.

  2. The host name for each InfoPrint Manager server must be the address that is identified for the first (or primary) network card that is defined to that server.
  3. All printer objects (whether logical destination, actual destination, or queue) must have unique names if they are used by interoperating InfoPrint servers.

    If the printer objects do not possess unique names, you might have trouble viewing them through the InfoPrint Manager Interface from a non-namespace server.

LPD service for AIX can be used however, by submitting jobs with the lpr command to actual destinations on the AIX server. The lpr command can also still be used as before with Windows printer destinations (just not InfoPrint Manager printers).