Working with InfoPrint Manager server accounting information

While all DSSs can store accounting information about the jobs processed, the information from some DSSs is more accurate than the information from others. All actual destination accounting logs are enabled through the server and actual destination log-accounting-data attribute. When you specify log-accounting-data=true, InfoPrint stores data into server accounting logs (one for each destination), which you can either view directly through your editor of choice (such as Notepad) from the command-line or by specifying the pdaccount command. The pdaccount command lets you obtain summary information in a comma-delimited format (Printer1,12997,1989787763). This information can be saved in a file, which can be imported into a spread sheet to calculate the cost of consumables, the usage rate of printers, or the cost of printing by individual user. The summary information includes both the total pages and total octets (the number of bytes) printed, either by destination or by user as requested for a specified time period. You can also obtain the complete accounting records (information for all print jobs) for a specified time period, instead of the summary data.