Using the sample MVS Download exit program

In the sample mvsdsubm files, the Exit performs these operations using the eight parameters that are passed to it.

  1. Issues a pdpr print command to submit the file (parameter #1) to the specified target destination (parameter #3), with the indicated InfoPrint print parameters (parameter #5).
  2. If the job prints successfully, the Exit will erase the print job file (parameter #1).
  3. If the job does not print, the Exit will log an error in the MVS Download error file and terminate the receiver.
Parameters Definition
#1 The name of the file that contains data received from the MVS JES spool
#2 MVS JES destination control parameters
#3 InfoPrint target destination (printer) where the job is submitted
#4 MVS Download receiver name
#5 InfoPrint print parameters
#6 The port number used by this receiver
#7 Additional exit parameter specified when the receiver was created
#8 Indicator that indicates whether trace is on. A value of zero indicates trace is off. Any other value indicates trace is on.

In addition, the Visual Studio exit has support for the multiple data set function in MVS Download and AFP Download Plus.