Manually transfer the resources from the host to your Windows system

You can move your resources directly from your host system using any method you like, though the most common is ftp. If you decide to ftp your files, make sure that you transfer the files as binary data, not as text. In general, the steps you should follow are:
  1. Create a directory on your Windows system that will receive your resources.
  2. ftp your resources to that directory as binary data.
  3. Identify that directory to InfoPrint Manager.

    You can either identify the directory using a resource context object or by changing the default resource search path in the Management Console. For information about changing the default resource search path, see the online help for the Management Console under Service Configuration.

This method is effective and relatively easy to implement. However, every time you change your AFP resources, you will have to ftp them to the correct directory on your Windows system. If you do not change your resources often, this method might work well for you. If you change your AFP resources often, you might want to consider a different option.