Any other destination type

To use InfoPrint Select to submit print jobs to a different destination type (such as a BSD or IPP printer), the only way to request finishing options on PCL and PostScript jobs is to use default jobs. A default job is a list of attributes that is applied to every job that a particular logical destination receives. You can use the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI to modify the default job for the logical destination that InfoPrint Select sends jobs to so that it requests the appropriate finishing options.

If you use default jobs, you will need a different logical destination for each finishing option. Every job that you send to a particular logical destination will be finished the same way. For example, if you set the Finishing options attribute of the default job to staple-top-left, every job that is submitted to that printer will have a staple in the top left corner. In addition, a logical destination can only have one default job, and a default job can only have one finishing option set.