Telling InfoPrint Manager what options the finisher supports

The first step in enabling the finishing options is to let InfoPrint Manager know what options the finisher supports.
  1. For the InfoPrint 70, InfoPrint 2060ES, InfoPrint 2075ES, InfoPrint 2085, InfoPrint 2090ES, InfoPrint 2105, and InfoPrint 2105ES, the PSF DSS will set default values for the job-finishings-supported attribute, so you do not need to do this setup process for the actual destination. These are the default settings:
    InfoPrint 70
    staple-top-left, staple-bottom-left, staple-top-right, edge-stitch
    InfoPrint 2085, InfoPrint 2105
    staple-top-left, staple-bottom-left, staple-top-right, edge-stitch, edge-stitch-left
    InfoPrint 2060ES, InfoPrint 2075ES, and InfoPrint 2090ES
    staple-top-left, staple-bottom-left, edge-stitch, edge-stitch-left, saddle-stitch
    InfoPrint 2105ES
    staple-top-left, staple-bottom-left, edge-stitch, edge-stitch-left
  2. If you will be submitting only print jobs that specify a form definition to this printer or if, you do not have to complete this procedure. You can proceed to Setting up InfoPrint Manager and clients to use finishing options.
To set the appropriate values:
  1. Start the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI.
  2. Find or create the PSF printer (actual destination) that sends jobs to the printer you are setting up.
  3. Right-click the printer and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  4. In the Printer Properties notebook, click Job.
  5. Find the Finishing options allowed field.
    Note: If you don't see the Finishing options allowed field, click Show More.
  6. Select all of the finishing options that your finisher supports in the Possible values list and add them to the Values list.
  7. Click OK.