Customizing the PCL, PostScript, and PDF transforms

You can customize the transforms for PCL, PostScript, and PDF data by specifying values in the transform configuration files. InfoPrint Manager transforms and configuration files shows the default configuration files that InfoPrint Manager provides.

In the table, install_path is the directory that InfoPrint Manager is installed in. If you do not know the install path, you can find it in the Management Console. Open the Management Console, click Edit -> Change Service Configuration and find the Install path field.

You can either modify these files or create your own.

InfoPrint Manager transforms and configuration files

Data Stream Transform Configuration File Daemon Configuration File
PCL pcl2afp install_path \pcl2afp\pcl2afp.cfg install_path \pcl2afp\pcl2afpd.cfg
PostScript ps2afp install_path \ps2afp\ps2afp.cfg install_path \ps2afp\ps2afpd.cfg
PDF pdf2afp install_path \ps2afp\ps2afp.cfg install_path\ ps2afp\ps2afpd.cfg
PDF pdf2afp install_path \ps2afp\ps2afp.cfg install_path\ ps2afp\apped.cfg

The PostScript and PDF transforms use the same default configuration files.