Adding or modifying events or users in a notification profile

To add or remove events in the notification profile for a particular delivery address, or to add another entry to the notification profile so that messages will be sent to another address as well, do this procedure:
  1. Open a DOS window on the computer that your InfoPrint Manager server is installed on. On Windows systems, click the Windows Start button and select Program —> Accessories —> Command Prompt.
  2. Type the this command. Fill in the values for the italicized items as defined below.
    pdset -c Type of InfoPrint object-x “notification-profile+={event-
    identifiers= event(s) delivery-method= method 
    delivery-address=”address“}” Objectname
    Type of InfoPrint object
    What type of object you want to perform this command on, not the specific object. Type destination, queue, job, or server.
    The events that cause InfoPrint Manager to send a message. You can have messages sent for any of the events that are listed in the events-supported attribute for the server. See the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference, InfoPrint object attributes chapter, section Attributes for Servers: events-supported, for a list of these values. Not all events support all objects. See the Notification events and event classes chapter in the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference for lists of what objects each event supports.
    Note: You must type all of the events for this object that you want the user specified in the delivery address to receive, even if they already appear in the notification profile. Any events that you do not type will not be listed in the notification profile.
    How you want messages to be sent. See InfoPrint notification delivery method characteristics for information about the various delivery methods.
    Where you want to have messages sent. See InfoPrint notification delivery method characteristics for information about what kinds of delivery address value to use with each delivery method. Enclose the value in double quotes.
    Note: You cannot specify more than one delivery address here. If you want another user to receive messages about the same (or different) events, finish this procedure, then enter the command again with that user's delivery address.
    The name of the destination or queue that this notification profile refers to.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Repeat the process for other users and objects.