Related Information

For information about Ricoh products, see:

For information about transforming line data for printing with InfoPrint Manager and Ricoh ProcessDirector, and for information about form definitions and page definitions, see:

  • InfoPrint Manager: Reference, S550-1052
  • InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Getting Started, G550-1061 and InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Procedures, G550-1066
  • InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Getting Started, G550-20263 and InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Procedures, G550-20264
  • InfoPrint Manager for Windows: Getting Started, G550-1072 and InfoPrint Manager for Windows: Procedures, G550-1073
  • InfoPrint Manager AFP2PDF Transform Feature: Installing and Using, G550-1057
  • Page Printer Formatting Aid: User's Guide, S550-0801
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector for AIX: Planning and Installing, G550-1045 and Ricoh ProcessDirector for AIX: Publications, GK4T-4011
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector for Linux: Planning and Installing, G550-1042 and Ricoh ProcessDirector for Linux: Publications, GK4T-4007
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector for Windows: Planning and Installing, G550-1365 and Ricoh ProcessDirector for Windows: Publications, GK4T-4107

For information about AFP concepts, see:

  • Guide to Advanced Function Presentation, G544-3876
  • Mixed Object Document Content Architecture Reference, AFPC-0004
  • Advanced Function Presentation: Programming Guide and Line Data Reference, S544-3884