Device Status portlet

The Device Status portlet shows a graphic representation of the devices in your system, using color to represent the current status of the devices.

The portlet always shows status for input devices and printers. If you install features that add different types of devices, they are added to the portlet. For example, the Inserter feature adds Inserter Controllers, while the Automated Verification feature adds Barcode Readers. When you hover over a device type, you see a legend that lists the statuses represented by the colored squares. Click View to open a table of all the devices of that type.

Device Status portlet, with the mouse pointer hovering over the Printers heading. A panel is open, displaying the Legend for printer devices.

The star icon indicates whether the portlet is displaying all devices or your favorite devices of each type. If the star is bright blue, the portlet is displaying your favorite devices of that type. If the star is gray, the portlet is displaying all devices of that type. To switch between displaying all devices and favorite devices, click the star.

Device status portlet, showing four types of devices: Input Devices, Printers, Inserter Controllers, and Barcode Readers.

To the right of the device type is a row of colored squares, one square for each device. The colors represent the current status of the device. Sometimes, a single color represents more than one device status.

Disabled; Disconnected (input devices and barcode readers); Waiting to Connect; or Attention (barcode readers)
Stopped; Needs attention; Disconnected (printers only); or Late (for expected work)

When you hover over a colored square, you see information about the device that the colored square represents.

Device Status portlet with the hover panel open.
  • Click View Log to open the log for that device.
  • Click View all devices in this state to open a table of devices of the same type that are in the same state. Only devices that are associated with locations in the Locations to show property on your user preferences appear in the table.
    • You can open multiple device dialogs at the same time, one for each type of device.

In the dialog that opens, you can do the same actions in this dialog as you can on the Main and Administration pages.

You can move and resize the dialog, and leave it open while you use other portlets. However, the information in the dialog is not updated as jobs more through their workflows or other users interact with devices. Changes to the table (such as adding columns or applying filters) apply only to the dialog; they are not applied to the device tables on the Main or Administration pages.

To close the dialog, click the X in the upper right corner.