Use this workflow to demonstrate how Electronic Presentment works.

The sample workflow sets the Customer name and Custom 1 job properties and extracts values for five document properties: Member number, PURL, Address block line 1, Statement date, and Member level.

After the PrintJobs step prints a job, the ToMailroom step holds the job for two minutes and then releases it to the StoreInRepository step. The ToMailroom step is based on the Wait step template.

The StoreInRepository step specifies five job properties and five document properties to store in the ElecPresRepository repository. The job properties are Customer name, Custom 1, Job name, Workflow, and Assigned to printer. The document properties are the ones that the workflow extracts values for.

The StoreInRepository step also stores the history information collected by the EPSampleHistory notification object.

Phases and steps

The illustrations below show the sample workflow as a series of phases.

Receive, Prepare, and Assemble

Print and Complete