When the batching method is Batch, the input device submits one or more files as a group, based on the files that an operator selects.

The Batch batching method prevents the input device from submitting jobs immediately. The input device receives files but does nothing until an operator selects one or more data files and clicks Make batch. The input device creates a list file that contains the names of all the data files and submits the job.

When you use the Batch batching method, set these input device properties as indicated:

  • Workflow: ParentNoPrint
  • Child workflow: The workflow that is appropriate for the data files in the job.
  • Submit step: SubmitInputFiles
  • Create .zip file: If this property is set to Yes, all input files that match the value set in the Data patterns property are combined as a ZIP file and submitted as a single job. If this value is set to No, all input files are submitted as child jobs.
  • Data patterns: A pattern that matches some part of the file name of your files. For hot folder and SFTP input devices, the default value is the regular expression: .*$. That pattern matches all file names.