Configuring banner pages for insertion

You can configure the banner pages for jobs to print the values of RICOH ProcessDirector properties related to insertion.

For example, on the job header page you want to print the name of the inserter that the operator loads the job on and the names of the material to load in each inserter bin. These values are contained in inserter job properties.

Properties related to insertion for job header and trailer pages lists some job properties related to insertion that you can include in banner pages.

Properties related to insertion for job header and trailer pages

Property (field name) Property (database name) Description
Inserter job name Job.Inserter.JobID The name that the inserter uses for the job. The default value is the RICOH ProcessDirector job number.
Inserter controller Job.InserterSystem.ID The name of the inserter controller object associated with the job.
Inserter name Job.Inserter.ID The name of the inserter for the job.
Load plan Job.Insert.LoadPlan.ID The name of the load plan associated with the job.
Load plan comment Job.Insert.LoadPlan.Comment The number of inserter bins followed by a list of the names of the materials in the load plan that the operator should load into each inserter bin.

You can include the values of many other properties on banner pages in addition to the properties listed in the table. The banner page property configuration files, installed in C:\aiw\aiw1\control_files\banner_pages\ , define the job properties, printer properties, and system settings that you can include on banner pages. You can edit these files to add other properties.

  • For AFP jobs, edit the banner_page_property_values.cfg file.

    For information about updating properties for AFP banner pages, see the RICOH ProcessDirector information center.

  • For PDF jobs, edit the header.jrxml and trailer.jrxml files.

To include inserter job properties (such as Job.Inserter.JobID) on banner pages, you add the properties to the banner page property configuration file.