The Quadient Inserter is the only supplied inserter controller object included with the Quadient feature. It is also included with the full Inserter feature.
On Windows, use copy_file.pl instead of copy_file.sh.
Property Value
Completion method Auto
Default insert status Not set
Reprint method Open loop
Control File: Rules file /aiw/aiw1/control_files/inserter/quadient.jaf.inputfile.dsc
Control File: Header Yes
Control File: Header rules file /aiw/aiw1/control_files/inserter/quadient.jaf.inputfile.header.dsc
Control File: Format Fixed length record (FLR)
Control File: Send command copy_file.pl -p 644 -d /aiw/aiw1/System/icf/quadient_in/${Job.Inserter.JobID}.JAF
Second Control File: Rules file  
Second Control File: Header Not set
Second Control File: Header rules file  
Second Control File: Format Not set
Second Control File: Send command  
Results Retrieval: Results handler command /aiw/aiw1/bin/getInserterJobId.pl
Results Retrieval: Results directories /aiw/aiw1/System/icf/quadient_out
Results Retrieval: Results file pattern *.j?f
Results Retrieval: Polling interval (seconds) 5
Results Retrieval: Polling command  
Results Retrieval: Receive command  
Results Retrieval: Delete interval (days)  
Results Processing: Parsing rules file /aiw/aiw1/control_files/inserter/quadient.jrf_results.outputfile.dsc
Results Processing: Format Fixed length record (FLR)
Results Processing: Job-properties rules file /aiw/aiw1/control_files/inserter/quadient.jrf_results.process.job.dsc
Results Processing: Document-properties rules file /aiw/aiw1/control_files/inserter/quadient.jrf_results.process.doc.dsc