getCurrentAFPFile syntax

The getCurrentAFPFile method returns the name of an AFP print file in the spool directory for the job. If a file that contains a page range selected from the original print file exists, it returns the name of that file. If not, it returns the name of the original print file. This is useful for working with reprinted jobs, which can contain a subset of the original job.

The method uses no parameters. Authorized users must always use this format for the method:


getCurrentAFPFile example

A workflow contains an external step in the Print phase, before the PrintJobs step, that specifies this property and value:

External command [Print][RunExternalProgram]
Value: itm_driver -C ${getControlFileName()} -F"-itm_in_files ${getCurrentAFPFile()} -itm_out_files ${getFileName(print,pdf,write)}"

The first time that a job of this type is printed, RICOH ProcessDirector copies the print file to the tmp subdirectory as 10000004.print.afp. The external command converts the AFP file to PDF for printing.

When the job is reprinted, the operator selects a range of pages from the original print file. RICOH ProcessDirector copies only the selected pages to the tmp subdirectory as 10000004.print_range.afp. The external command converts 10000004.print_range.afp to PDF format.