Setting up workflows for external steps

After you create a step template to call an external program and tune the step template to run on the server that the external program is installed on, you add a step that is based on the step template to a workflow. You then assign the workflow to an input device, or use another method to assign the workflow to specific jobs.
To set up a workflow for an external step:
  1. Click the Workflow tab.
  2. Determine whether you can use a copy of an existing workflow or if you need a new workflow. Do one of these:
    • Right-click one of the workflows and select Copy. Name the copy of the workflow, fill in or edit other values that you need, and click Continue.
    • Click Add and specify a name and description for the new workflow.
  3. To add the external step:
    1. In the workflow editor, click Step Templates in the top right corner of the window.
    2. Click the external step and drag it into the workflow editor. Place the step where you want it.
    3. If you want to rename the step, right-click the step. Select Properties, and then click General. For the Step name property, type a name for the new step and click OK.
  4. Edit the properties for processing behavior as needed.
  5. Connect the step to other steps.
    The external step can use conditional processing to receive a job from multiple steps and send it to multiple steps. You can attach rules with conditions to the connectors, and you can set job properties for different branches of the workflow by adding steps based on the AssignJobValues step template.
  6. Add or update the other steps in the workflow if necessary. A workflow can contain more than one step that calls an external program.
  7. Save and enable the workflow.
  8. Test the external program.