Publications for this product

The RICOH ProcessDirector publications CD includes the RICOH ProcessDirector publications.

Instruction manuals

These instruction manuals are included:

  • RICOH ProcessDirector for Windows: Planning and Installing (this publication)

    This guide explains planning and installation procedures for RICOH ProcessDirector.

  • RICOH ProcessDirector: Integrating with Other Applications

    This guide provides technical information about the ways that you can configure RICOH ProcessDirector to exchange data with other applications.

    This guide can be opened from the Help menu.

  • RICOH ProcessDirector: Installing Document Processing Features

    This guide explains how to install RICOH ProcessDirector features that control and track both jobs and the individual documents in jobs.

  • RICOH ProcessDirector: Using RICOH ProcessDirector Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat

    This guide explains how to use RICOH ProcessDirector Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. You can use the Adobe Acrobat plug-in to define text, barcodes, images, and other enhancements in a PDF file. After you save your enhancements in a control file, RICOH ProcessDirector workflows can use the control file to make similar enhancements to PDF files.

  • Font Summary

    This guide explains font concepts and the different types of fonts in the RICOH InfoPrint Font Collection. The Font Summary is available only in English.

  • White Paper–Using the Enhance AFP Function

    This guide explains how to configure and use Enhance AFP control files. The guide is available only in English.

  • The RICOH ProcessDirector readme file (readme.html).

    This file tells you how to access the other publications. The readme file is available only in English.

  • The RICOH ProcessDirector release notes

    These release notes provide information about the RICOH ProcessDirector release, including new functions and updates; known limitations, problems, and workarounds; and code change requests. The release notes are available only in English.

You can also download English publications in PDF format from the RICOH Software Information Center (

RICOH ProcessDirector Information Center

The Information Center contains topics that help administrators, supervisors, and operators learn about and use RICOH ProcessDirector. The Information Center is available from the user interface and provides quick navigation and search features.


Field help is available on many screens to provide information for specific tasks and settings.