This workflow demonstrates how to combine electronic forms with data in PDF files for jobs that contain documents with page exceptions.

The sample workflow prints some jobs by combining electronic forms with data and other jobs by using preprinted paper:

  • The [1] Electronic branch of the workflow sends jobs with Electronic in the name of the PDF file through the CombinePDFWithForm step, which combines the electronic forms with the data. The jobs then go to the CountPages step.
  • The [2] Preprinted branch sends jobs that do not have Electronic in the name of the PDF file directly to the CountPages step. Those jobs bypass the CombinePDFWithForm step and are printed on preprinted paper.

The Preprinted Forms Replacement feature supplies an ElectronicFormDocFolder sample hot folder, two sample jobs, and a control file that work with the ElectronicFormDocSample workflow. The ElectronicDoc.pdf sample job goes through the [1] Electronic branch, and the PreprintedDoc.pdf sample job goes through the [2] Preprinted branch. After the jobs reach the PrintJobs or RetainCompletedJobs step, you can view the jobs to see the result of combining electronic forms with data.

The ElectronicForm.ctl control file, used by the IdentifyPDFDocuments and BuildPDFFromDocuments steps, specifies page-exception media for jobs that go through the workflow. Electronic forms have been defined for the page-exception media.

Phases and steps

The illustration shows the steps in each phase of the sample workflow.