AFP Visual Environment lets you enhance AFP files without changing the applications that create the AFP files. For example, you can use AFP Visual Environment to index AFP files and to add bar codes in AFP files. The AFP files that you enhance must contain data in Mixed Object Document Content Architecture for Presentation (MO:DCA-P) format.

You can enhance AFP files that contain MO:DCA-P data in different ways depending on which components of AFP Visual Environment are installed:

  • The AFP Indexer component lets you create AFP page groups and indexes, and define supplemental pages.
  • The AFP Editor component lets you create bar codes and text, and hide areas that contain unwanted content, such as obsolete bar codes.
  • The Whitespace Manager component lets you define available areas of white space in AFP files and then fill the white space with content, such as images and text, during the print production process.
  • The Pipeline Manager component lets you configure and run a set of filters, in a specific order, to process large AFP files quickly and efficiently.

AFP Visual Environment can make the same enhancements on the same pages in all page groups in the AFP file. Page groups are AFP structures that organize AFP files into smaller, uniquely identifiable units. For example, if an AFP file contains several bank statements that all have the same format, each statement can be a page group.