Basic print file handling for all DSSs

When a print request is made to InfoPrint Manager, the print file is sent to the pdserver running as a command processor (which then becomes the originating pdserver); this might be the pdserver containing the logical destination.

If the link option (pdpr -l) is not specified, which is the default, a temporary copy of the incoming print job is made by the originating pdserver in its /var/pd/servername directory with a randomly generated name that begins with pdpr (for example, pdpr1pp5nV). The exception is for jobs submitted with InfoPrint Submit Express clients that use /ipdata as their work area. These jobs are treated as if the link option was specified. That temporary copy stays in /var/pd/servername on the originating pdserver until the print job completely leaves the system, including job printed or cancelled and expiration of any retention periods that have been set through InfoPrint Manager attributes. To put it another way, the temporary copy remains in /var/pd/servername on the originating pdserver until a pdls for that particular job returns with a message that InfoPrint Manager cannot find the job.

If the link option (pdpr -l) is specified, the pdprxxxxxx is a symbolic link to the original file (rather than a copy of). The link is deleted