Cloud considerations

When you configure a virtual operating system in the cloud, make sure that you follow the same considerations as when you configure the system on the ground.


  • Enable SSL/TLS encryption at the InfoPrint Manager level to increase the communication security between InfoPrint Manager components.
  • Make sure that you use a static IP address for the public part of the InfoPrint Manager infrastructure.
  • Configure your cloud solution for persistent MAC address of the network card used for the InfoPrint Manager instance.
  • Store the data in a persistent storage, to ensure that it is not lost across operating system reboots.
  • Make sure that the InfoPrint Manager system runs in a secured virtual network in the cloud, so that the communication and data cannot be accessed from the Internet.
  • Back up your data regularly to maintain data integrity.
  • High availability can be ensured by multiple virtual systems that are configured identically and use the same storage area.
  • The InfoPrint Manager architecture lets the customer split the work between cloud and ground. The InfoPrint Manager supervisor can run on the ground, while the command processor and spooler can run in the cloud. For more information on InfoPrint Manager architecture, see the <