File system creation procedure

Before creating local volumes there must be a volume group with enought free space to contain the following logical volumes: lvpd, lvpsf and lvpsfs. Those three logical volumes will be mounted on the following directories: /var/pd, /var/psf and /var/psf/segments.

If you have multiple hard drives available, you can create the required volume group on more than one disk. Striping across those disks provides faster I/O performance which is useful when driving high speed/high resolution printers.

We assume that the volume group is created. The name of the volume group is vgname.

  1. Create lvpd logical volume


    lvcreate -L 1024M -n lvpd vgname
    The above command creates lvpd logical volume with 1024MB in size, on vgname volume group.

    To force lvpd logical volume on a specific disk/partition use the following command (assuming that /dev/sdf has at least 5 partitions):

    lvcreate -L 1024M -n lvpd vgname /dev/sdf5

    To verify that the logical volume has been created execute the following command:

    lvs /dev/vgname/lvpd