This section lists the parameters for the afp2pdf transform:
-o outputfile
Specifies the output path and file name of the output PDF file. By default, the output PDF file is placed in the same directory as the input file, and it has the same file name as the input file with the extension changed from afp to pdf. For example, when the PDF is generated from an AFP file named afpdoc.afp, an output file named afpdoc.pdf is created.
Note: If AFP is not used as the extension, a pdf extension is still added to the output PDF file.
-pragma aligntext [0|90|180|270] | fdef formdefinition|resource_path=resource path
Use aligntext to specify the rotation value to use when transforming the file. Valid values are 0, 90, 180, or 270 (clockwise). Some AFP files might have already been formatted with a rotated orientation. If this occurs, text is aligned with the vertical axis of the paper rather than the horizontal axis. To correct this, you must use this parameter to align the text as desired.

Use resource_path to specify the path to the resources. This