Mapping AFP fonts

The afp2pdf transform needs to map the AFP fonts your document was created with to fonts that can be used in PDF documents.

For the afp2pdf transform to map the best matching fonts to display your AFP document, the transform needs to know certain characteristics about the fonts that were used to create your document. Mapping AFP fonts is done with the font definition files installed as part of the afp2pdf transform. These files are loaded into the FONT subdirectory under /opt/infoprint/itm/xforms/afp2pdf/ for AIX and Linux and under TF_install_path\itm\xforms\afp2pdf\ for Windows. FONT subdirectory with an AFM subdirectory and a Type1 subdirectory. You can edit them using any text editor. The shipped version of the font definition files maps the IBM Core Interchange (Latin only), compatibility, coordinated, and Data1 fonts for you. If your document uses an AFP font that is not listed in the font definition files, you need to add it. If you have generated modified font definition files for viewing AFP files for the AFP Workbench or for the AFP plug-in, some of the same files can be reused for the afp2pdf transform. The icoded.fnt, coded.fnt, csdef.fnt, cpdef.fnt, and icudt38l_ibm- CPGID_*.cnv , where CPID is the code page identification number, files can be copied and used