About Destination Support Systems (DSSs)

The programs that the actual destination uses to send jobs to the output device are called the destination support system (DSS).

InfoPrint Manager for AIX supports these DSSs:

The AIX DSS permits InfoPrint Manager for AIX to bridge to the AIX print-spooling subsystem. In standard AIX printing, users submit jobs to an AIX print queue. The AIX print-spooling subsystem schedules the jobs and passes them to a printer device by means of a backend program, usually piobe, or if the queue is a remote queue, rembak.

In the AIX DSS, users submit jobs to a destination from which an InfoPrint queue receives them. The InfoPrint physical printer submits jobs to the printer device using an AIX backend program.

You should attach this type of printer device as specified by its documentation before creating its associated InfoPrint actual destination.

The BSD DSS permits InfoPrint Manager for AIX to bridge to existing UNIX/BSD printing subsystems. InfoPrint Manager for AIX sends jobs submitted to BSD physical printers as separate print requests to a local or remote print queue.

For local printer devices, InfoPrint Manager for AIX can use the pioinfo backend program. More typically, InfoPrint Manager for AIX uses the