High and Ultra High speed printing

The high speed printing assumes the use of high speed printers that usually print large jobs on a low number of devices.


  • Only PSF TCPIP Actual Destinations were used.

  • Each Actual Destination was assigned to a different printer.

  • The same job was sent to disabled Actual Destinations.

  • All Actual Destinations were enabled at once.

The print speed related to the number of Actual Destinations for 2000 pages jobs

The print speed related to the number of Actual Destination for 11000 pages jobs

  • If more than 20 printers are printing at the same time and are managed by the same pdserver, the average print throughput decreases on the systems under 1000 pages per minute.
  • The optimal results are obtained when maximum-concurrent-jobs attribute is set to 1.

Note: The maximum-concurrent-jobs attribute value must be set up according to the average job size:
  • Low value for large jobs
  • High value for small jobs