Working with error logs

To disable an error log, issue this command:
pddisable -c log servername:default_error

To start using an error, issue this command:

pdenable -c log servername:default_error

To stop an error.log from wrapping, you can do one of two things:

  • Issue this pdset command from the command line:
    pdset -c loc -x log-wrap=false servername:default_error
  • Copy /usr/lpp/pd/bin/spl_error.cfg to /var/pd/spl_error.cfg and change log-wrap=true to log-wrap=false.
  1. Changes made with pdset or to the spl_error.cfg file are persistent across runs, that is starts and stops of the pdserver.
  2. These changes can also be made on the spl_trace.cfg trace logs. The trace object is called default_trace. Enabling the InfoPrint Manager tracing mechanism might impact the server performance. Enable it only at the request of a Service Representative.