InfoPrint Manager Electronic Software Distribution

InfoPrint Manager implemented Electronic Software Distribution (ESD), a solution intended to facilitate the product entitlement and distribution flow while allowing you to try the product before purchasing it, preventing unauthorized use. There are other benefits of electronic software distribution, such as faster delivery and better control and management of your InfoPrint Manager licenses. The product can run now in one of the two ways: either as trial or a registered version.

Obtaining a trial version of InfoPrint Manager has never been easier. To download your installation kit for one of the supported platforms (AIX, Linux, or Windows), go to You can try the product for a period of 60 days, after which the product stops functioning. Converting InfoPrint Manager from a trial version to a registered version is possible at any time, without requiring reinstallation of the product, even after the evaluation period has ended.

You can install InfoPrint Manager in trial mode on multiple machines from the same installation kit. Once the trial period expires, you cannot reinstall InfoPrint Manager in trial mode on the same machine.

The InfoPrint Manager Base Server and the following features are available for your evaluation:

  • InfoPrint Manager AFP2PDF Feature
  • InfoPrint Manager Pull Print Feature
  • InfoPrint Manager SAP Print Feature
  • InfoPrint Transform Manager Feature

For more details about the evaluation license, go to

If you decided to register your InfoPrint Manager product, you must purchase a valid license key specific for the base server and optionally for the separately priced features available. You can purchase either a subscription license or a perpetual license for the base server and for the optional features you have chosen.

There are several types of registration license keys:

The subscription license has a defined period of usage.
The perpetual license has an unlimited period of usage and insures your Infoprint Manager software continues to run, even if the maintenance license expired.
The maintenance license expires after 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, depending on which license you purchased.

Note: InfoPrint Manager does not check for feature maintenance keys during runtime.

Cold backup
The cold backup license is a special perpetual license available for an unlimited period of usage, for backup purposes of a production license. For more details about this type of license, contact your Ricoh sales representative.
Important: The perpetual, maintenance, and cold backup license keys are generated using the fingerprint (hardware signature) of the server where InfoPrint Manager will run. In other words, you cannot use a perpetual, maintenance, or cold backup license key on different servers than the one it was intended for. Also, modifying hardware components or the hostname of the server alters the fingerprint, and as a consequence, the license becomes invalid, causing InfoPrint Manager to run in grace mode for a period of 7 days. You must contact your local representative to receive a new license key before the grace period expires. Otherwise the InfoPrint Manager software will stop running on your system when the grace period ends.
The enterprise license allows you to make multiple installations on different machines using the same perpetual, maintenance, and cold backup license key, regardless of the fingerprint of the server. To find out if you are eligible for the enterprise license, contact your Ricoh sales representative.

After purchasing the subscription license, you need to use the RICOH Account Administration interface and set up the RICOH Cloud Connector to install the license and register your InfoPrint Manager software. RICOH Cloud Connector is automatically installed together with the product. For more information about RICOH Account Administration and how to set up the RICOH Cloud Connector, see$/raa_HelpTitle. For more information about the installation of the subscription license and the registration of your InfoPrint Manager software, see the Managing subscription licensing section in RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Getting Started .

After purchasing the perpetual, maintenance, or cold backup license, Ricoh sends an email with EMS - Entitlement Certificate in the subject line to the email address provided when the order was placed. This email contains your Entitlement ID (EID). Generate and download the license keys needed for product registration at the self-service website using the EID and the fingerprint of the machine you intend to run InfoPrint Manager on. The EID is only used to identify what you have purchased. To get the machine fingerprint, run the getfingerprint utility available on the root of the base DVD-ROM or ISO of the product on a command shell terminal.

To register your product, if you have not installed it yet, during the installation process of the InfoPrint Manager software, choose the path to register the product "I have purchased this product and I want to register it". You can register manually providing the path to your license key file downloaded from the self-service website.

To register your product from an existing trial inst