Using InfoPrint Manager hot folders

An InfoPrint Managerhot folder is a directory that is associated with a logical destination. When you copy or move a file to the hot folder, InfoPrint Manager automatically submits the job to that logical destination. The hot folder directory can be created on any system that the InfoPrint Manager server and all job submitters can access, including the system that the InfoPrint Manager server is installed on. The directory should then be shared so that all of the users who need to copy files to it can access it. To submit files to the hot folder, users copy their files to that directory from their local systems.

If you set the notification-profile attribute in an attributes file and submit that file along with your print file, you can receive notification messages about the print jobs you submit using hot folders.

Note: Additional information about using hot folders, including creating attribute files, is available in the RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Getting Started and the RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Procedures.
Otherwise, this feature does not provide detailed event notification from InfoPrint Manager.