Using an InfoPrint Manager actual destination

You can use these methods to submit jobs to one InfoPrint Manager queue:

  • MVS Download Receivers when jobs are received from Host MVS Download drivers
  • LPD when jobs are received from LPR clients on any platform
  • Hot Folder when jobs are received from a mapped network directory
  • InfoPrint Manager Select, Submit Express and IPP clients when jobs are received directly from the Windows client
  • Command line using a pdpr command
  • IP Printway if you do not use Download for z/OS to submit jobs

When you submit print jobs to the same queue, these apply:

  • There is a single point of control and auditing for all jobs printed. A single InfoPrint Manager interface can be used to determine all pending jobs for the printer.
  • There is automated job prioritization between jobs. Several methods of prioritization are available.
  • There is a single point of failure.