Defining the SMTP Email server to InfoPrint

The InfoPrint Manager for Linux Email DSS uses a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server to send e-mail. The SMTP server must have MIME support. The SMTP server used is defined by the InfoPrint Manager server attributes smtp-server-host and smtp-server-port. These attributes default to the local Linux SMTP server. If you want to use a different SMTP server, you can modify these server attributes.
Note: Your SMTP server must be correctly configured to get outside the firewall if you plan to send e-mail outside your firewall.

To change the SMTP server for the InfoPrintLinux server:

  1. To set the mail server at installation, start the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface by entering this from the Linux command line: ipguiadvadm
  2. From the InfoPrint Manager Administration Servers main window, click Server → Properties.
  3. From the Server Properties dialog, specify your installation's mail server in the SMTP server field and the port in the SMTP port field.
    Note: The SMTP server port field defaults to 25, which is the default port for the SMTP server on most AIX servers.

If you plan to use e-mail to send large PDF files consisting of 50 pages or more, you will need to expand the size of the /var/psf/segments file system to 500 MB.