Fonts for printing line data

Improve flexibility by specifying the fonts that you want to use for printing line data in your page definition. See the PPFA User's Guide, S544–5284 or the PPFA Quick Reference, G544–3701 for more information. The chars keyword can also be used.

When you specify a coded font name with the chars keyword of the line2afp command or with the chars document attribute, the font name is limited to four characters, excluding the two-character prefix.

Font mapping table for use with the chars keyword provides a list of the InfoPrint Expanded Core Fonts for use with unformatted ASCII input data. Because these fonts have eight-character names, the table also provides a list of six-character short names. InfoPrint stores these coded fonts in the /usr/lpp/psf/reslib directory. There are symbolic links of the eight-character names that correspond to the six-character names. You can use these short names, without the X0 prefix, to satisfy the four-character limitation for specifying font names with the chars keyword of the line2afp command. You can use either the coded font name or the page definition.

For the names of other coded fonts, see InfoPrint Fonts: Font Summary.

Font mapping table for use with the chars keyword

Type Family Point Size Coded Font Name Linked Short Name (forcharskeyword)
Courier 7 X0423072 X04272
Courier 8 X0423082 X04282
Courier 10 X0423002