Printing through the IPP Gateway

The IPP Gateway is a service in InfoPrint Manager that lets you print using IPP even if you do not have an IPP-enabled printer, as long as you (and your users) have IPP client software installed on your workstation.

The Windows client system comes with IPP client software built in. Users on other Windows platforms can download IPP client software. The PrinterWorking Group, the organization that is leading the development of IPP, provides a list of IPP client software that you can use to find an appropriate client at

Once you have an IPP client installed, to set up the IPP Gateway on the server:

  1. Start the IPP Gateway Daemon using the InfoPrint Manager Management Interface. For more information about completing this task, see the IPMMI help.
    1. The IPP Gateway runs as a daemon called InfoPrint Manager IPP Gateway. On the Linux system, the IPP Gateway is not set to start automatically by default. For information about changing the default settings, see the IPMMI help.
    2. To start the IPP Gateway daemon from the IPMMI:
      1. Go to Applications->Management Interface.
      2. Right-click on IPP Gateway on left panel and select New.
      3. Enter the IPPGW Port Number: 631 (default).
      4. Select the start option: start now, start at reboot or start both.
      5. Enter the InfoPrint Manager host and port of the server to send jobs.
  2. Verify that the gateway is working. Open your Internet browser and enter this web address, replacing serverhostname with the DNS hostname of the system that InfoPrint Manager is installed on: http://serverhostname:631/printers.

    If you do not have a DNS name server running on your network, replace serverhostname with the dotted-decimal IP address of the system that InfoPrint Manager is installed on instead. If the gateway is working correctly, you will see a list of the printers that are available through the gateway. All of your InfoPrint destinations should be listed. Find the address (URI) of the destination you want your users to print to.

  3. Refer your users to Adding an Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) gateway printer to your desktop. This step varies depending on which IPP client you are using; follow the instructions for adding a printer as provided by the IPP client. For the printer address, have your users enter the address that you found in step .