Resubmitting an orphaned file

If you started the mvsprsd daemon with the -k flag, InfoPrint saves print options downloaded with MVS data sets. By default, InfoPrint also stores the downloaded data set. InfoPrint saves both the data set and the print-options file in the directory you specify with the -d flag when you start the daemon. See Passing the parameter list from the mvsprsd daemon to the shell script for the format of the file names for the data set and print-options file. If errors occur that prevent InfoPrint from processing the job, you can correct the errors and then resubmit the job.
  1. Go to the working directory where the failed job's JCL exists.
  2. Run the /usr/lpp/pd/bin/ command with these parameters (or create a shell script to run the command):
          1st parameter : PRD file (line data from host)
          2nd parameter: Copy the content of JCL file
          3rd paramete: Logical Dest name
          4th parameter: none (blank)
          5th parameter: none (blank)
          6th parameter: MVSPRSD port number
          7th parameter: none (blank)
          8th parameter: 0 (zero)
    For example:
           '"-odatat=line -ofileformat=record -occ=yes -occtype=a
             -ochars=GT10 -opagedef=P1V04863 -of=F10101LA -ocop=007
             -odatac=unblock -ojobn=MYJOB -ous=MYNAME -oprmode=SOSI2
             -otrc=yes -ono=BLDPSRV1
              OUTGRP=ONLY "' local '' '' 6001 '' 0 >>$PPID 2>>$PPID
Note: Multiple data set jobs cannot be resubmitted and must be resent from the host.