Using target groups

If you create the color mapping table without the cmt Utility, you must specify a target group ID number to match the source groups for a target. Valid ID values are 1–127.

Note: The cmt Utility generates pairs of sources and targets, then assigns increasing, sequential IDs to each pair. For more information about the cmt Utility, see the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.

Each target group must be classified as a color space, which is the kind of color you want as output. The color spaces defined in the matching source groups are transformed to this color space. The color mapping table allows RGB CMYK, highlight, and CIELAB, but your actual hardware determines your available choices. For example, if your printer supports only highlight color, your target group must use highlight color.

You can specify exact values for output colors. For example, if your printer supports three highlight colors, you can specify colors 1, 2, or 3 with coverage and shading percentages that are supported by your printer.

Other publications that have helpful references regarding color devices include:

  • InfoPrint 4005 Hi-Lite Color Application Design Reference, available from your Ricoh marketing representative.
  • InfoPrint Hi-Lite Color Introduction and Planning Guide for 4005.