Preparing files for archiving and retrieval

Using ACIF to prepare files for archiving and retrieving shows the steps that you can use to archive your files:

  1. Run ACIF (1), specifying that it create the index object file (1a), the AFP document file (1b), and the resource file (1c).
  2. Run your archival application (2) to archive (3) all three files (1a, 1b, 1c) so that the document can later be retrieved (4) and viewed or printed with fidelity.

Using ACIF to prepare files for archiving and retrieving

This figure shows preparing files for archiving and retrieving and illustrates the scenario that is described in the text. The flow starts at a box that is labeled Your Application with arrows going to containers for your print data, ACIF processing parameters, and resource libraries. Arrows from those containers then go to the ACIF box (1). From ACIF, arrows go to index object file (1a), AFP document (1b), and resource file (1c) containers. From those containers, arrows go to a box for the customer supplied archive system (2). An arrow goes from the archive system to a storage container (3). Another arrow goes from the storage container to the customer supplied retrieval system box (4).