Specifies the 3- or 4-digit identifier that defines an IBM-registered code page that is used when the index values and attribute names are specified on the INDEXn and FIELDn parameters.

CPGID={850 | codepageid}

The values are:

IBM code page 850
Any valid code page, which is a 3- or 4-character decimal value (for example, 395) that defines an IBM-registered code page
If this parameter is not specified, ACIF uses code page 850 as the default.

ACIF uses the code page identifier value when it creates a Coded Graphic Character Set Global Identifier Triplet X'01' in the Begin Document (BDT) structured field for the output file. For more information about this triplet, see Mixed Object Document Content Architecture Reference, AFPC-0004.

The code page identifier is used by programs, such as AFP Workbench Viewer, that must display indexing information. These programs use this identifier with code page translation tables to represent the index attribute and value data. For code page numbers less than 100, add leading zeros (for example, 037). If a non-decimal value is specified, ACIF reports an error condition and ends processing. For more information about code pages, see IBM AFP Fonts: Technical Reference for Code Pages, S544-3802.

If your input file contains Unicode data and you specify EXTENSIONS=IDXCPGID to process the code page identifiers, see Indexing considerations for more information about using the CPGID parameter.