The RICOH InfoPrint Font Collection contains these fonts:

AFP Outline Fonts, LCD4-5683
AFP Classic Fonts, LCD2–20029
AFP Asian Classic Fonts, LCD2–20055
WorldType Fonts, LCD4-5684
Note: The code pages for the AFP Outline Fonts, the AFP Classic Fonts, the AFP Asian Classic Fonts, and the WorldType Fonts are included on the media.
AFP Raster Fonts, LCD4-5700
Extended Code Pages (ECPs)
ECPs are provided with InfoPrint Solutions products, and they are also provided as downloadable zip files. To download the zip files:
  1. Access the Ricoh Production Print Company Web site at http://rpp.ricoh-usa.com/.
  2. Click SUPPORT.
  3. Click Support, and then click Software.
  4. Click Downloads and Drivers, and from the pulldown, select AFP Outline Fonts, and the Extended Code Pages (ECPs) zip files download page displays.
  1. The AFP Outline Fonts and WorldType Fonts replace Infoprint™ Fonts on AIX, Linux, and Windows.
  2. You can use the Ricoh AFP Resource Installer with these fonts. AFP Resource Installer has consolidated interfaces for the installation and management of AFP color management, font object resources, image object resources, and code pages. You can find the Ricoh AFP Resource Installer here: https://www.ricoh-usa.com/en/products/pd/software/commercial-industrial-printing-software/color-management/ricoh-afp-resource-installer/_/R-5639-EE2-0001