auto-create-shared-printers (Windows Only)

Indicates whether destinations created in this server that can be print submission targets should automatically create a corresponding InfoPrint gateway shared printer.

GUI label

Automatically create gateway printer


Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

Fixed Value Input Synonym
true yes
false no

Default Value


Usage Guidelines

  • When the value of the auto-create-shared-printers is true, InfoPrint automatically creates a corresponding InfoPrint gateway printer with:
    • A Windows print driver with the first value in the server's client-driver-names attribute
    • A polling interval of 0
      Note: The server accepts the job even when the actual-destinations-requested specifies a non-existent actual destination only when accept-unsupported-jobs is true and the print queue has assign-to-printer as false.