Moving OMS definitions among SAP systems

You can maintain OMS definitions on a single application by replicating your InfoPrint Manager OMS definitions in other SAP R/3 systems. To make changes to OMS definitions, you can transport the OMS objects from the maintenance system to your other systems.

If you decide to transport the OMS objects from this maintenance system, you must use only logical spool servers in these:

  • OMS ROMS and LOMS definitions
  • InfoPrint Manager Output device definitions

Logical servers allow you to organize your printing architecture and manage printers. By using only logical spool servers, you will not have to change server names in the OMS definitions after you have transported them. For more information about Logical servers, see the Spool Server Definitions: Classifying Servers, Using Logical Servers, and Using Alternate Servers topic in your SAP R/3 documentation.

This procedure describes how you can use the R/3 logistics (transport) system to move OMS definitions between SAP R/3 systems:

  1. From the R/3 main menu, access the Real OMS window by using this path Tools → CCMS → and Spool → Spool Administration or type spad in the ok-Code field.
  2. From the Spool Administration: Initial Screen window, click Extended admin and select Real OMS from the Output Management Systems pane to obtain a list of the real output management systems (ROMS) available on your installation.
  3. From the Spool Administration: List of Real Output Management Systems window, select Change mode from the ROMS list and double-click ROMS definition that you want to transport.
  4. From the Spool Administration: Real Output Management System window, select the appropriate transport function:
    • To transport only the ROMS definition, push the Transport (truck) icon.
    • To transport both the ROMS definition and all LOMS definitions that reference it, push the Transport all (truck) icon to the right.

    In either case, a transport request is created for transporting the OMS definition objects to other R/3 systems.

  5. To transport your OMS definitions, type /SE09 in the ok-Code field so you can complete this task from the R/3 software logistics transport system.