Switching InfoPrint Manager servers

InfoPrint Manager provides you with the ability to switch the InfoPrint server to which your SAP system is sending commands. This can be a valuable feature to use if a particular InfoPrint command processor fails and you want to switch to one that is still active, or when switching from an InfoPrint test system to an InfoPrint production system (as shown in Figure Switching from one InfoPrint Manager server to another). An InfoPrint Manager system consists of one or more InfoPrint Manager servers residing on either the same or different machines that are set up to interoperate by sharing the same namespace.

Note: If switching from one InfoPrint Manager system to another, you must make sure that the same logical destination names have been defined on both systems.

You can implement this support by using the SAP GUI to add an optional flag with values in the form host:socket to your InfoPrint Manager OMS commands: ipm_submit, ipm_dev_query, ipm_job_query, and ipm_job_cancel.

host represents the host name where the InfoPrint server is running and socket the socket for the InfoPrint server on that host.

Switching from one InfoPrint Manager server to another

Switching from one InfoPrint Manager server to another. The SAP system sends jobs to an InfoPrint Manager test system instead of the production system.

To modify the OMS commands from your SAP GUI, use this procedure:

  1. From the SAP R/3 graphical user interface, modify the logical output management system (LOMS) definitions by specifying the spad transaction.
  2. From the Spool Administration: Initial Screen window, click Extended admin and select Logical OMS from the Output Management Systems pane to obtain a list of the logical output management systems (LOMS) available on your installation.
  3. From the Spool Administration: List of Logical Output Management Systems window, select the appropriate LOMS (for example, the IPM001 LOMS) and specify the Commands icon.

    SAP displays a list of operating systems.

  4. From the list of operating systems, double-click the operating system where your SAP system is running to access the OMS commands.

    From this panel, you can modify the OMS commands to switch from one InfoPrint server to another. For example, to change the ipm_submit command to send jobs to the InfoPrint server info1 at socket 6874, you can change the ipm_submit command field as follows:

    Original ipm_submit command
    ipm_submit &P &F &EI &EG &Es '&O' '&o' '&R' '&f' '&C' '&Y' '&E1' "&T" 
         "&D" '&t'
    Modified ipm_submit command
    ipm_submit -c info1:6874 &P &F &EI &EG &Es '&O' '&o' '&R' '&f' '&C' '&Y' 
         '&E1' "&T" "&D" '&t' 

    1. Even though this example only shows changes to the ipm_submit. command, make sure that you make the same change to all InfoPrint Manager OMS commands.
    2. Do not make changes to any other part of the commands; these parameters are positional and must not be modified.