InfoPrint Manager Transform Feature overview

This section gives an overview of InfoPrint Manager Transform Feature, including highlights, how the transforms work, the user interface, and system requirements.

Transform Feature provides a powerful and cost-effective system for transforming print jobs from the input format to the output format. When data and image transforms are required for Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) printing, print servers, such as InfoPrint Manager for AIX, InfoPrint Manager for Linux or InfoPrint Manager for Windows, can send transform requests to Transform Feature for processing across one or more transform servers.

You configure the print servers so that print jobs that require transformation are sent to Transform Feature. The Transform Feature user interface lets you define both the print servers that are sending transform requests and the transform servers that are transforming the data. You can also use the user interface to start or stop transform servers, view a transform server message log, or turn tracing on or off for a transform server.