Using InfoPrint Select

To use InfoPrint Select (available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X) to enable job submission from applications, you must install and configure InfoPrint Select on the workstation. During this configuration, you must make a destination controlled by InfoPrint Manager known to the client system.

On Windows clients, you use the Windows Add Printer Wizard to add a local printer, load the appropriate driver, and assign a unique port to each InfoPrint Manager destination.

On Linux and Mac OS X clients, you use the CUPS Add Printer Wizard to add an InfoPrint Select printer, load the appropriate PPD, and assign a unique Device URI to each InfoPrint Manager destination. The Device URI format is: selpms://server_hostname[:port]/destination.

Note: If no port is specified, the default port number is 6874.

The InfoPrint Select client is available on the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Common Client DVD-ROM, LCD4-5642. The LDAP Select supports InfoPrint Manager socket authentication. For more information about installation and configuration, see RICOH InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Getting Started .

With InfoPrint Select in place, the user receives relevant event notifications generated by InfoPrint Manager. Typically, this notification simply informs the user that a job has completed successfully. If, however, an error occurs in the processing of a job, the event notifications include information to help you diagnose the problem. With InfoPrint Select, you are also provided access to the InfoPrint Manager command-line interface, including the pdpr command. This provides client-application access to all the AFP print attributes that can control such jobs. Finally, the InfoPrint Select user can submit jobs to destinations controlled by either InfoPrint Manager for AIX, InfoPrint Manager for Linux, or InfoPrint Manager for Windows.

Your enhanced InfoPrint Select client allows you to:

  • Specify InfoPrint job attributes when submitting a job to the server
  • Support the cancelling, holding, and releasing of jobs in a queue
For more information about these specific enhancements, consult the help system.