Identifies the types of media that this logical destination supports.


Resettable, multi-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter a text string that contains the names of the media. These can be:

  • The medium identifiers of medium objects created by the pdcrmed utility. For these fixed values, see the medium medium-identifier attribute.
  • The medium identifiers of medium objects you created yourself.
  • Any names that describe the media, even if no medium objects with those names exist.

Default Values

No default values (all valid values supported).

Usage Guidelines

  • You can restrict the use of this logical destination by limiting the type of media that a user can request for jobs submitted to actual destinations.
  • If you do not specify a value for this attribute, the corresponding actual destination attribute determines which media the actual destination supports and users can request.
  • InfoPrint compares the document attribute default-medium or page-media-select to this attribute for job validation.